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Exporting and Importing Wastes Portal System

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1. Introduction of Allbaro

introduction of allbaro

2. Our brand "Allbaro"

Our brand  "Allbaro"

3. History of Allbaro

  • 1999~2000 : Operation of the waste treatment proff system(1999~2000), related problems raised
  • 2001~2002 : Systemdevelopment and establishment and pilot operation
  • Sep. 2002~: Present : Nomal operation of the system
  • 2003 : Application and handing function establishment for waster authorization and permission
  • 2003 : Developed the statistical analysis function of waster
  • 2004 : Establishment of disaster recovery center to cope with system failure
  • 2006 : Built and operated ARS for users who have difficulties in using the Internet
  • 2007 : Launched "Allbaro" a general waster management brand
  • Aug. 2008 : Teh use of Allbaro System became obligatory

4. System authority

The Allbaro system consists of a transfer and takeover system managing the transfer and takeover process of waste, an authorization and permission system to enhance authorization and permission convenience, a constructions waste management system, and a waste volume reduction system.
authority of system
  • The Allbaro system’s operation involves the Ministry of Environment(MOE), local public environmental agencies, local governments, Korea Environment Corporation (Keco) as tht computerization organization, and users.
    • MOE: Establishes and consolidates waste-related laws and regulations and systems
    • Local administration agencies: Local environmental agencies and local governments carry out waste authorization and permission receipt & handling and provide guidance and inspect any breach.
    • Computerization processing organization(Keco) : Carry out system use approval, basic information input and system function improvement, and education/training.
    • Users : Input the transfer document and comply with the various laws and regulations upon discharging and treating waste.

5. Various function of allbaro

  • The main functions of Allbaro include the following six main and additive functions: 1. Legal handling of commercial wastes 2. Legal handling of construction wastes 3. The management of medical refuse based on RFID 4. Portal system for imported waste 5. Reporting results of waste disposal 6. Approval and basic information management
  • From waste transfer to approval, waste emitting, transport, and processes can be handled directly with “one step” using Allbaro, which contains additive functions for GIS location information, information of waste reduction and circulation data of recycled aggregates.
Main functions of allbaro are following-6-main and additive

6. Benefits of using the system.

Through the computerization of waste-related work that used to be performed manually. time and cost savings can be realized for administration agencies and user companies, and their competitiveness cna be strengthened.
authority of system

Benefits of Waste Transfer Management System

  • Job handling time and cost savings : By using the Allbaro system, industrial sites can save about KRW 125.0 billion annually and 9.8 million hours : in particular, administration agendes can save about KRW 14 billion.
  • Astronomical expenses can be incurred considering the economic and social losses including environment restoration and human life damage ompensation in case of illegal waste treatment and negligence.
  • Through the real-time monitoring of the waste movement path, illegal waste treatment can be prevented since the detction of ompanies likely to engage n illegal treatment becomes feasible.
  • Feasible statistical management through waste-related electronic information accumulation withthe legal mandatory use of electronic transfer document, waste information accumulation and national statistice management are enabled.
  • Hazardous waste management consolidantion : Maximization of medical waste management efficiency throughh RFID technology introduction related to highly harmful medicla waste

Results of overseas expansion

  • Establishment of the Vietnam toxic waste management system
    • Term of project: 2010.06~2013.06
    • Total costs: $3 million USD
    authority of system
  • Expected effect of an established Vietnam toxic waste management system
    • Successful establishment of the system will improve the country’s image at home and abroad and will also create a foundation for overseas business
    Expected effect through establish Vietnam toxic waste management system.
  • Overseas expansion strategy through Allbaro packaging
    • Develop an optimized business system through the analysis of the requirements and repetitive verification of experience with the Vietnam hazardous waste management system.
    apply the system by packagelize